VIBeS is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to enabling the blind and Visually Impaired to experience recreational activity through a shared vision. The goal is to provide physical fitness, outdoor and recreational activities for the participants, thereby increasing self-esteem, independence and personal growth.

All VIBeS members need to sign this waiver prior to participating in any VIBeS activity. Bring it with you or sign it when you arrive.

Kickoff 11/03/2015   Vicky Hulsey
Guide Training/Skier Orientation Saturday, 12/05/2015   Beth Ingham or Vicky Hulsey
Holiday Party Sunday, 12/13/2015   Beth & John Ingham
Monarch Day Trip Saturday, 01/09/2016   Vicky Hulsey
Shoe N Soak Saturday, 01/16/2016   Diane Fitzkee
Copper Mountain
Saturday, 02/05/2016 to
Sunday, 02/07/2016
  Barry Wick
Marcia Wick
Friday, 03/04/2016 to
Sunday, 03/06/2016
  Sharon Boyd
Melissa Rose
Shoe N Chew Saturday, 03/05/2016   Diane Fitzkee
Saturday, 04/02/2016 to
Sunday, 04/03/2016
  Pam Vandenbos
Lorie Whitehead
Marcia Wick
Spring Party Sunday, 05/15/2016   John Mussipapa

Guide Training will take place on Dec 5th at Monarch Mountain.
This is for both new and returning guides. As usual we will leave early in the morning and fight the Christmas Parade Traffic through Woodland Park on our way home. (Or maybe we will be smart and take the southern route.)
And, repeating what we did last year, experienced skiers can join the guides on the trip. They will participate in skier orientation in the morning then go skiing with the newly refreshed guides in the afternoon.
To sign up, if you are a guide, please contact Beth Ingham and if you are a skier please contact Vicky Hulsey. Respond to one of the emails relating to this subject if you want to sign up.

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